Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Rules & Playing Conditions

1) A match with each player having four bowls, will consist of two sets, each set played over 7 or 9 ends. The winner of each set will be the player with the most shots at the completion of the 7th or 9th end. A set will be decided if at any point it becomes impossible for one player to draw or win the set given the number of ends remaining. The winner of the match being the best of two sets (1- one drawn set, or 2- nil)

2) If the shot scores are tied after the last end of a set, the set will be drawn. If the match is tied at 0-0 (1/2 - 1/2) two drawn sets or 1-1, a best of three ends match tie breaker will be played to determine the winner. This will be winner of each end and NOT the total number of shots won in the three ends. If at the end of the deciding third end of the match tie breaker the scores are equal, a fourth end will be played with each player delivering a single bowl to determine the winner. If both bowls are equidistant from the jack, further single bowls will be played to determine the winner.

3) In all other cases a "no score" end will count as an end.

4) Play will be in both directions and the jack delivered. The player winning the toss shall have the choice of starting or giving away the jack in the first set. The loser of the toss, shall have the choice of starting in the second set. The winner of an end will start the next end in the same set.

5) In a match tie breaker, the player winning the toss shall choose whether to take the jack or give it away in either the first or third ends (assuming it goes to a third end) or to take or give away the jack in the second end. In the event of a fourth end being played the player winning a "new" toss shall have the choice of starting.

6) The player to start, will select where to place the mat along the centre line of the rink and deliver the jack. A full length jack will be at the 3m T mark, from the 3m mat line.

7) In the event of the jack being hit off the rink, it will be replaced at one of the two predefined points on the rink which are 300mm behind the 3m T mark and half way between the centre line of the rink and the edge of the rink, before the next bowl is delivered or the end decided. If the jack is hit off the rink to the right it will be repositioned on the right predefined point and so on. When the predefined point is occupied, the jack will be repositioned at the nearest available position along the line between the predefined point and the centre of the rink, but not touching an obstructing wood.

8) The jack, when hit into the ditch within the rink width, will remain in play and not be repositioned.

9) Any bowl leaving the confines of the rink (except on delivery) and not a live toucher in the ditch, will be deemed to be dead and immediately removed.

10) A live rebounding jack, within the confines of the rink, but is less than the minimum of 20m, will be repositioned at the appropriate predefined point as described in (7).

11) Measurements between jack, including a repositioned jack, and the live bowls will be carried out in the normal manner.

12) Play will be continuous. Normally, a player may visit the head only after delivery of his/her third bowl. Exceptionally, a request to visit the head after a player's second bowl can be made to the Marker.

13) All bowls, black/coloured must be stamped in accordance with the current Laws. Coloured bowls stickers will be provided by WBT/PBA.

14) Players are required to be ready and available to commence their matches at any time during the programmed session time, players first on shall be at the venue at least half an hour before the start of play. Prior to the start of the match, each player will be allowed a minimum of two trials ends (one each way) Limited practice, only where possible, will normally be played on a rink not allocated for the specific player that day.

15) In all other circumstances the Laws of the Game & WBT/PBA Code of Conduct & Tournament Conditions will apply to all participants, who will be responsible for their guests present at the event.